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Our Methodology
The backbone of our offerings is our methodology. While it is a creature that is constantly evolving, our experience has helped us identify the three primary areas that are critical to sustained success.

  • Project Management
  • Client Management
  • Talent Management
Our methodology provides the flexibility to rapidly evolve your applications to meet constantly changing business requirements.

We seek to align ourselves with the needs and priorities of our clients. Our approach to business solutions is a reflection of our commitment to the goal.

We begin a project by working in close coordination with the client to ensure that we clearly understand the business problems and what the client is trying to achieve. We recognise that business priorities and approaches may change over time,there by requiring a flexible approach to application design and development.

No matter how successful we are, we think of ourselves as a start up company. We keep ourselves lean in order to adapt to changing environment quickly. We believe that all companies face the same market situation. It is how we anticipate and prepare ourselves that differentiates and allow us to survive and eventually attain greater heights.

Quality Policy

C2i soft Team believes Quality is the prime resource for customer satisfaction. C2i soft has defined set processes and parameters to ensure top of the line quality. These include detailed system development documentation, Beta stage testing - offsite as well as real time environments, final deployment and testing with regards to speed and accuracy of response.

We have set up a QC team, which is involved at every stage of the development process - from architecture to deployment.

Our Client says
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Computer User
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