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Your website is a powerful tool, which your business needs to survive in today's competitive market. However it needs to be kept fresh and up to date.

C2i soft can provide you with a Web Content Management System that empowers the non-technical person to create and edit the website's content without any knowledge of HTML.

It is not about making your website work. It is about reviewing, re-using, editing, publishing and managing the content in an efficient manner, so that the website is always kept up to date, and keep visitors coming back.

You can add content management to an existing website - so there is no need to have your whole site re-designed if you are happy with how it looks.

There are so many benefits. You can keep your site up-to-date, and there's no need to keep employing an external agency to make content updates and changes.

You could also use content management systems as a platform for integrating information with established business applications. A personalisation engine that applies rules to deliver customised content to individual users; a commerce system that connects the web front end to the company's transactional systems or a work system that unites global offices with instant data availability to enable transactions.

To keep visitors coming back to a website they need to feel that they have received something for visiting the web site, typically some level of knowledge or entertainment. However, once this has been experienced, there is little incentive to go back and experience the same thing again. Content has to change on a regular basis.

Web Content Management Systems, are designed to make the management of web site content easy. Managing an intranet or Internet site with hundreds or thousands of pages and multiple authors is challenging. Web Content Management Systems address this problem by providing facilities to manage both the content and the processes of production and publication.

Web Content Management Systems can benefit any organisation that has a need to manage a website where content is regularly changed.

C2i soft specialises in the delivery of bespoke Web Content Management Systems. C2i soft low cost CMS gives companies the power to take charge of their information and present it on the web for maximum impact and exposure, enabling them to take full control of their web publishing strategy.

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